Is the Outdoor Furniture You Sell High-Quality? 4 Ways to Evaluate Whether Your Pieces Are At Or Above the Industry Standard.

If you sell outdoor furniture, how can you be sure that your pieces are the best that the industry has to offer? The best outdoor furniture is the kind that’s built to last beautifully through years of inclement weather and wear and tear. What qualities should you look for in outdoor furniture to ensure that it’s up to the task? Today, we’re going over some of the specific features that your outdoor pieces should have to give you peace of mind about their quality and longevity. Whether you’re simply curious about the collections you already sell or are actively looking for a new manufacturing partner, here are the most important features worth knowing about.

Reinforced Aluminum Extrusion

The foundation upon which your furniture is built is instrumental when it comes to determining how long it will last. That starts with the type and quality of the metal used on its framework. Opt for aluminum that’s milled domestically from providers whose reputations in the industry speak for themselves. It’s also a good idea to look for commercial-grade aluminum, even if you only sell pieces that are intended for residential use. Commercial-grade aluminum is constructed with high-volume wear-and-tear in mind; pieces that use it are destined to last longer than pieces that don’t.

100% Virgin Vinyl

Vinyl collections don’t always get the best reputation. Outside of commercial settings where a large quantity of pool loungers and chairs are needed, they can be cast aside in favor of flashier pieces. With that said, the vinyl poolside chair is a classic for a reason: when constructed correctly, it is virtually unrivaled when it comes to durability, versatility, and weatherproofing.

How can you make sure your showroom is stocked with the best vinyl pieces that the outdoor furniture industry has to offer? Start by choosing collections that are made using 100% virgin vinyl. This term refers to vinyl that does not include any recycled products. Virgin vinyl is considered “better” because recycled materials can include fillers and impurities and jeopardize the quality of the material. If you want your customers to be impressed by the longevity of your vinyl pieces, virgin vinyl collections are the way to go.

Fully Welded Frames

Speaking of durability and longevity: it’s important to consider how your pieces will look in addition to how long they’ll remain structurally intact. The reality is that your customers will want their pieces to look like new if they last long, and that’s a tough balance to strike when it comes to outdoor furniture. It’s also a balance that the best manufacturers have perfected.

Fully welded frames are key to pieces that retain their structural integrity while looking beautiful for years to come. When frames are sandblasted during the manufacturing process, it helps to prevent their color from fading, cracking, or chipping with wear. This enables you to guarantee beautiful, vibrant, and consistent colors to your customers even with years’ worth of wear.

Weatherproof Fabrics

Of course, outdoor furniture is nothing without the ability to withstand most kinds of weather, be it merciless summer days or strong downpours throughout the year. In Florida, where the weather can go from strong sunshine to livid thunderstorms in just a few minutes, it’s crucial to invest in furniture that can keep up (and look good doing it). From durable framing materials, like reinforced aluminum, to ComfortFLEX® cushions that won’t remain limp and soggy for days after exposure to rain, look for furniture that’s built with all kinds of weather in mind.

Finding high-quality outdoor furniture doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it’s all about working with a manufacturer who upholds all of the highest industry standards for long-lasting, great-looking furniture. Interested in exploring your options, all while resting assured that every piece is up to standard? Click here to check out our collections.