Is It Time to Invest in New Hotel Pool Furniture? 3 Big Signs Your Pieces Should Be Upgraded.

Is it the right time to get new hotel pool furniture for your property? There are times when it’s obvious: if pieces look visibility worn down, for example, it’s probably time to look into making some updates. With that said, there are other times when it might be a good idea to invest in new pool furniture. Today, we’re going over some of those circumstances, along with how you can make sure the pieces you do invest in are built to last a long time. Let’s get started.

The Decor Looks Outdated

One of the most common difficulties that can arise with hotel decor – be it interior or exterior – is straddling the line between stylish and trendy. Stylish pieces will look timelessly appealing regardless of what fashion trends are dominating the decor market at the moment, while overly trendy pieces can look great one day and completely outdated the next. If your hotel’s outdoor spaces looked perfectly fashionable a few months or years ago but now look a bit overplayed or out of date, it might be time to redecorate – or, at the least, to invest in some key pieces that are designed to look stylish for years to come.

This Time, Try…

Whether you’re going for a full-blown redecoration or are simply replacing some key pieces, opt for new hotel pool furniture that doesn’t conform to any particular trends. Instead, choose pieces that would have looked just as great to you 3-5 years ago. Opt for clean lines, solid and neutral colors, and statement accents in tones that make sense for your property. By choosing elevated simplicity over statement-making trends, you’ll be making sure your pieces look beautiful and relevant to guests long-term.

Everyone Has the Same Pieces

Whether it’s the wicker chandelier in 2021 or the bold chevron prints of the 2010s, some exterior design pieces grow to dominate the market. Though there is absolutely nothing wrong with having these pieces on your property – especially if they fit your hotel’s brand and aesthetic style – it’s natural to want to replace them with pieces that will stand out. If you’ve been seeing some of your hotel pool furniture designs in lots of other properties (especially properties in your area), some upgrades might be worth considering.

This Time, Try…

Opt for a furniture provider who is able to customize key elements of your furniture to your specifications. One of the most effective ways to do this is to choose cushion and pillow colors that complement your hotel’s branding colors (or, at least your interior design colors). By investing in bespoke pieces that are uniquely made with your hotel in mind, you’ll avoid falling into the “overplayed furniture” trap no matter what designs you choose.

It Doesn’t Match Your Hotel’s Brand

It’s important for every element of your hotel to come together and establish its identity, making the most of the natural features that surround your property while appealing to exactly the kind of guest you want to attract. Your exterior furniture is a crucial element of your hotel’s identity; it’s likely that it’s where many of your guests will spend most of their awake time while on your property. If your pieces seem incongruous to your hotel’s branding or lifestyle offerings, it might be time to invest in new ones.

This Time, Try…

Invest in pieces that are either customized to your hotel’s branding or decor colors, or opt for neutral tones that will match any decor decisions you might make for the next few years. When it comes to hotel pool furniture, the only thing that matters as much as quality and durability is the pieces’ ability to look great for as long as they last.

Is it time to invest in new hotel pool furniture? If any of the above circumstances apply to your property, then it’s probably time to start looking. To explore our handcrafted, timelessly stylish collections, be sure to check out our catalog.