How to Get Redecoration-Proof Hotel Patio Furniture That Looks Great on Your Property No Matter What

Finding quality hotel patio furniture pieces that look great through any redecoration is completely doable if you know what to look for. The most important thing you can do when considering patio furniture collections is to look for pieces that are versatile enough to look agelessly stylish through the seasons and durable enough to look like new for years to come. Today, we’re diving into some of the qualities you should keep in mind as you evaluate your hotel patio furniture options in order to find the timeless collection you’re looking for.

Stylish, Not Trendy

“Trends come and go, but style is forever” is one of the most-quoted statements out there when it comes to design, and that’s because it has a point. There’s nothing wrong with wanting your property to encapsulate the latest and greatest decor trends – especially if your target guest leans younger or your property is located in a bustling cosmopolitan area. With that said, if longevity is your ultimate goal, then timeless style beats on-trend pieces every time. The key to making your hotel patio furniture look great in the long term isn’t to constantly recycle pieces according to the latest trends; it’s to invest in furniture that transcends trends, all the while embracing your hotel’s visual identity and your setting’s natural features.

How can you find these perfectly timeless pieces? We recommend opting for neutral colors and simple silhouettes. “Neutral” and “simple” are by no means the same as “boring,” though. It’s a great idea to add in some personality with bold statement pieces, like interesting sculptures or vases, or pops of color that are compatible with the color schemes you’ve chosen for your interior design. If you do want colorful furniture, it’s a good idea to stick to colors that make sense for your natural environment and your brand identity. For example, if your relaxation-driven property is located near the mountains, earthy tones – like browns and greens – might be excellent choices. If you’ve got a fun-filled beachside hotel, perhaps brighter hues – like yellow, turquoise, and white – would work best.

Timeless Means Sturdy

When thinking of long-lasting furniture, quality of construction is naturally the first thing that comes to mind. That said, it’s also important to think about how design factors into longevity, and how to pick designs that will last for years to come without looking outdated or incompatible with your hotel. In order to accomplish this, stick to timeless silhouettes, colors, and styles. Opt for neutral colors that are versatile and easily changed depending on the decorative accents you choose to add. If neutral colors don’t work with your hotel’s color palette, choose hues that are compatible with your branding colors and/or interior design. Cohesion is key when it comes to making design decisions that will look great now and in the future. Choose options that would have looked great on your property a few years ago; this is a great way to make sure that they’ll still look great in the years to come.

Compatible with Your Property

Timelessness in hotel patio furniture doesn’t come down to design; the pieces must be constructed with the quality it takes to last for years without showing signs of wear. In order to achieve this, we always recommend investing in pieces that are handcrafted by professionals with premium, domestically sourced materials. When furniture is crafted by hand, individual expert attention is given to each part of the process in constructing each piece. This creates a much smaller margin of error than the one for pieces that are mass-produced in assembly lines in order to maximize profit. By using premium materials, like 100% virgin vinyl and commercial grade extruded aluminum sourced in the United States, a furniture manufacturer goes above and beyond to create pieces that are truly built to last. To get the best return on your hotel patio furniture investment – and to install beautiful pieces that impress your guests at first glance and beyond – be sure to pay attention to quality in both construction and design.

Hotel patio furniture should be timeless, both in its ability to transcend design trends and in the integrity of its construction. Finding these pieces starts with working with a furniture manufacturer you can trust. To start exploring your handcrafted furniture options, don’t hesitate to check out our collections by clicking here.