3 Important Ways You Can Keep Your Furniture Dealing Company’s Clients Happy With Their Outdoor Furniture Orders

Outdoor furniture is a long-term investment, and running a successful furniture dealing company hinges on assuring your customers that this investment is one they can safely make with you. That means ensuring that your suppliers meet high standards of furniture production, delivering beautiful pieces that deliver when it comes to both style and substance. The Internet is changing the way we do business; referral-based business relationships are giving way to Internet searches and online reviews. Given the way our industry is going, how can you guarantee that a supplier is high-quality when you’ve only ever seen their pieces online (or a handful of times in a showroom setting)? Today, we’re going over some of the most useful steps you can take–and qualities you can look out for– to find the highest-quality furniture for your furniture dealing company. Let’s dive in.

Do Your Homework

We live in an increasingly digital world. That doesn’t mean that review- and referral-based business is going away; it just means that it’s changing. In fact, reviews are one of the most powerful tools any business or buyer can leverage to evaluate potential partners. Studies show that about 95% of customers consult reviews before making a purchase. This doesn’t just mean that you should consult reviews in order to gauge how well a potential manufacturing partner performs. It means you can use reviews to anticipate what your customers will see when they research the quality of the pieces you sell.

In addition to what customers have to say, it’s a good idea to research how a furniture manufacturer chooses to represent themselves online. Do they emphasize low prices and quick production times, or does their online presence prioritize more substantive things, like the attention to detail that goes into their pieces? Look for manufacturers who prioritize individualized attention in their production process; it’s a bonus if their pieces are made in the USA. Let’s take a closer look at some of the specific qualities you should look for when considering potential suppliers.

Premium Materials are the Foundation

Look for pieces whose quality is evident in the materials used to create them. Stainless steel hardware will resist rust and corrosion, looking like-new through years’ worth of sunny summers and storm-filled hurricane seasons. Speaking of all-weather durability: heavy-duty reinforced aluminum extrusion provides an added layer of strength to outdoor furniture pieces that are truly built to last (bonus points if the manufacturer you’re considering invests in domestically milled aluminum). Pieces that are constantly exposed to the elements can’t be too durable, which is why a fully welded framework is an excellent feature for any piece, preventing both structural breakdown and aesthetic wear.

Design That Keeps Up

Speaking of aesthetic durability, a piece’s structural durability won’t matter much if it looks old and worn in a couple of years’ time. Prioritizing beauty and design in outdoor furniture isn’t frivolous; it’s a critical part of producing a quality product. It’s important to invest in pieces that are built to last and to look good doing it. Fully welded frames resist common signs of wear and tear like paint chipping and peeling, as well as overall color fading. 100% virgin vinyl for strap furniture will be resistant to snapping and breaking as well as discoloration.

Color integrity is important, and so is the ability of the pieces you sell to look timelessly beautiful. The longer a collection is built to last, the more likely it is to see various interior and exterior design trends. Pieces that are too “trendy” may seem appealing now, but they’ll look dated and overdone in a few years’ time. In order to guarantee that your customers are satisfied for years, invest in collections that feature classic lines, versatile colors, and timeless design. Your customers – and your showroom – will thank you for it.

Invest in Individual Attention

Premium materials and great design choices are nothing without expertise to combine them into beautiful, long-lasting furniture. The most important quality to look for in a furniture supplier is painstaking attention to detail. A manufacturer who invests one-on-one, hands-on attention into each and every piece they create is a manufacturer you’ll want to represent in your showroom. Pieces produced in an assembly line are made to generate a quick profit. Pieces that are handcrafted by experts who have spent years honing their craft are meant to perform beautifully and look pristine for a long, long time. Being renowned for the quality of the pieces sold at your furniture dealing company means investing in manufacturers who deliver on quality by prioritizing it throughout every step of their production process.

The pieces you sell are foundational to the reputation of your furniture dealing company, and finding a manufacturer you can count on to uphold your legacy of quality doesn’t have to be complicated. By looking out for the qualities outlined above, you’ll be well on your way to finding a supplier who places stunning, long-lasting pieces in your showroom. To learn more about the high standards of quality that define the Windward Difference, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.