Facebook Advertising

Making Lasting Connections With Facebook Advertising

Today's consumer is inundated with approximately 5,000 ads per day. Constant stimulation has made it increasingly important to engage consumers with unique and thoughtful stories that speak to them on an emotional level. Well-crafted and targeted campaigns can help connect you with consistent customers.

"Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed."
Dan Zarrella
Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Have you been promoting your services or products on Facebook consistently with no luck?  It may be time to utilize the power of Facebook advertising.

We'll determine your goals and then set up, test, optimize and manage your entire campaign. You'll receive monthly reports to view the success of our efforts together.

Retargeting Campaigns

You recently visited a website, now you're seeing their ads everywhere. Welcome to the world of retargeting.

How many times have you seen something online that you wanted to buy, but you got distracted or the timing wasn't right?

Retargeting serves as a reminder for those people, as well as the people who just need to think about it a bit first.

Data-Driven Strategy

With dozens of parameters to program and analytics to review, digital advertising has become a data-driven art form.

We conduct multiple tests and review the data on a regular basis to ensure you're getting qualified leads with the best return on ad spend possible.

The Process


Strategy Call

We'll schedule a call to create a detailed brief and overview of your position in the market, goals, targets, demographics, competitors and operations.

From here, we use a sales funnel model and objective-driven strategy to create customer journeys that generate measurable business and marketing results.

We then develop a detailed plan and proposals that actively represent and reflect your business’s purpose, vision and mission.

Research & Test

In order to find the perfect solution we perform extensive market research, competitor analysis’ and numerous rounds of audience testing.

Within this, we test all elements of our social campaigns, including copy, imagery, formats and objectives, in order to ensure quality, adaptability and relevancy.


Using a formula of engaging copy and scroll-stopping photos/video, we build social campaigns that deliver unique customer experiences and drive consumer engagement.

Implement, Analyze and Optimize

From the initial launch of pushing your ads live, we track and report activities across all of our productivity and projects to provide insights and analytics.

By investigating the digital ecosystem, we optimize our advertising efforts and fine tune our digital campaigns. 

This process and development is a continual cycle that allows us to manage data and meet your desired Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).


As ads run, we’re continually getting more and more data that allows us to more accurately target and attract a larger audience. To avoid ad-fatigue within your market we’ll freshen up your campaigns while learning from previous successes.