Facebook Advertising

Connect Where Your Audience Is By Using Facebook Advertising

Create Brand Awareness

Whether you’re selling products that enrich peoples lives or provide a service that makes lives easier, your business is solving a problem. People need what you have, but they have to know you exist. With Facebook advertising you can reach more people and increase the awareness of what you have to offer - your future customers are waiting.

Tampa Facebook Advertising Services

Convert Browsers Into Buyers

Get people to take valuable actions on your website, such as make a purchase at your online store. Using the Facebook pixel we can track and measure the amount of conversion attributed to your ads.

Have a brick and mortar store? We have ways of track those conversions too!

Lead Generation

Facebook advertising isn’t just for eCommerce businesses, it’s also a great tool to connect with your target audience and bring in quality leads.

An ad to pique their interest, and your sales team to seal the deal.


Connect consumers with your products to increase brand awareness, increase traffic and ultimately increase sales.

Local Advertising

Increase awareness and increase the foot traffic at your store with localized Facebook ads that only feed out to people who live within a specified radius.


Studies show that 3 out of 4 people notice retargeting ads and that they are 76% more likely to get clicks than regular ads.

You visited the website of your favorite clothing store, now you’re seeing their ads all over your Facebook feed.

This is the power of retargeting - a form of online advertising that brings back visitors who haven't converted on their first visit to an online store.


Data-Driven Strategy

With dozens of parameters to program and analytics to review, digital advertising has become a data-driven art form.

We conduct multiple tests and review the data on a regular basis to ensure you're getting qualified leads with the best return on ad spend possible.

How It Works

Research & Strategy

We'll discuss the details of your company, your industry, your goals and what the key perfomance indicators (KPI's) will be. During this phase we'll also brainstorms potential strategies and funnels.

Testing & Refining

Next we'll test out audiences, targeting, messaging and more.

Interpret & Optimize

Our team will review the data from the testing phase to refine the campaign(s) and optimize. We'll also begin to incorporate retargeting.


Regular meetings will be set up to discuss results, upcoming initiatives and new ideas. DCM will check the health of campaign(s) daily and work on new ideas to avoid ad fatigue.

Facebook Ad Management Pricing

Management fees vary and generally depend on your ad spend budget.  To learn more about our process and to begin the process for a quote please fill out the form below.