20 Facebook Post Ideas for Furniture Stores

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Facebook Post Ideas For Furniture

You’ve created social media pages for your furniture store. Now posting regularly feels more like a chore than a marketing and sales tool and you’re on your computer googling ideas on Facebook post ideas for your furniture store.

Sound familiar?

I’ve created a list of ideas that can help freshen up your feed.  I hope it inspires you and helps you.

I want you to use your social media space to highlight your expertise, and show followers why they should trust a dedicated furniture store for their purchase and not a big box store.

1. Highlight a New Collection Each Week

Okay, let’s get the most obvious idea out of the way. But I want you to take these posts a step further, instead of just showing a pretty set of furniture add details into your post on what makes the collection special – Is it great for small spaces? Have a beach house vibe? 100+ design options? Show off your expertise.

2. Do A Piece On Sectionals

Now this doesn’t have to be limited to just a piece on sectionals, it could be any product that has a lot of variety.  But everyone loves sectionals and there are a lot of different types, sizes and special features – create a video to educate consumers on the possibilities out there.  A sectional has a usb plug for phone charging? Perfect, tell your customers about this unique feature.

3. Feature A Different Brand Each Week

You work with an amazing portfolio of brands and you choose them for your store for a reason. Take the time to highlight the company, their story and why they have great products. Are they American made? Great, don’t forget to highlight that.

4. Re-Post Manufacturers Posts

Not feeling particularly inspired? This is an easy win. Make sure you’re following the different brands you carry and share their social media content when you think it’s pertinent. They are going to have imagery/posts of the latest products, features, finishes, fabrics etc., why not share this.

5. Re-Post Customer Created Content 

Are your customers tagging or hash tagging your brand in posts showing off their new products?  This is gold, make sure you share this to your own page(s)

6. Post Installations

Similarly you should be taking and posting photos of new installations. Be sure to ask your customer if it’s okay to do before doing it.  I realize the only people onsite of an installation may be your delivery team, so I suggest reviewing orders and perhaps accompany your delivery team on particularly large orders – while your there thank the customer again for their order, ask for feedback, all-around make them feel special. Then make your ask.

7. Do An Educational Video On Fabrics

Furniture is available in a multitude of different fabrics.  Your average consumer doesn’t know the difference between them other than color – talk about the reasons why you’d pick one fabric over another.  You can do a separate video also talking about outdoor fabrics too.  

8. Talk Trends and Style Ideas

Have your in-house designer do a monthly feature on trends, tips and ideas. Don’t have one, reach out to a local designer(s) and build a relationship. Plenty of them would love the exposure of being featured on another website.

9. Explain Product Quality

Why does this sofa cost twice as much as this same-looking sofa I found online at <insert big box store>?  If it’s not an every day question in your store, it’s certainly and every day thought by consumers. Take the time to educate them on the difference (example: heirloom quality vs. dorm room quality).

10. Family-Friendly Product Selections

I will be giving birth in a few weeks and I am currently looking at some of our furniture and wondering exactly how my son is going to destroy it (not a question of “if”).  Perhaps you have advice on specific products and materials that are more durable for young families.

11. Share Pet-Friendly Product Selections

People love their pets, they are a precious part of the family.  While every pet owners starts out thinking “the dog will not be allowed on the couch” we all know it’ll happen eventually.  Have ideas to make a pet owners life easier? Is there a fabric that is easier to clean fur off of? Are there cushions with machine washable covers? Or better yet, can you create an up-sell for furniture covers?

12. Share Cleaning Tips 

Proper maintenance and cleaning can help quality furniture last for years. Share some basic tips to help consumers out by sharing tips for all of your different products. This can become a series of posts based on the different products and materials you have to offer. For example, share how to best maintain wood furniture and how to treat stains or discolorations. (Bonus, share cleaning products you carry)

13. How To Make Standard Repairs

Think of some common questions you get. Do some of your dining chairs have built-in leveling pieces on the bottom of the feet? Share how these, many consumers may not know they even exist.

14. Employee Profiles

Introduce your sales staff online, their experience and some basic personal tidbits.  This gives a personal feel to your company allowing consumers to see you as more than just a big business entity.

15. Take A Poll 

Polls are a great way to engage your followers while also gaining some insight into the market. Use this to learn about favorite furniture colors, favorite furniture styles, wood colors, rug styles, what people care about most when it comes to buying a mattress etc.

16. Share Reviews

Look at the reviews you have from Google and social media and highlight them by making them into social media posts.  Social proof is extremely valuable and people value reviews when making decisions.

17. Conduct A Social Media Takeover 

Chances are you work with a lot of great companies, ask them if they’d be willing to do a one-week social media takeover where they provide the content for your social media page.  Many companies would be happy to gain the extra views.  Some examples would be to partner with a local interior designer, a pool builder, a patio screening company, and the manufacturers you work with.

18. Share events

Make sure you share any upcoming events you might have going on. Also be sure to create an event within Facebook with the details.

19. Fill in The Blank

This can be a fun and interactive. For example your image could read “The first room I’d have Joanna Gaines re-do is my _____ “  This is just a fun post that gets people interacting with your posts, which Facebook loves and rewards.

20. Live Tour Of Your Showroom

Go live and give a personal tour of your showroom. This gives people an idea of what you have in-store for them to look at. You may want to break this up into multiple posts/days by looking at just one section of your store at a time. Day one just highlight your mattress section, one day look at dining sets, one day look at sectionals etc.

Bonus Tip #1:

Avoid contests requiring following and tagging friends. Facebook and Instagram have started to punish pages that do this in-order to get a quick following jump.  Instead, you could promote a contest that requires just an email signup to build up your email list for email marketing. Keep the signup form simple, too many questions and people won’t join.

Bonus Tip #2:

Put together a schedule template. For example, on Mondays you could share a blog post, Tuesdays can be your live Q&A, Wednesdays could be video demonstrations, Thursdays could be a recipe from another page and so on. Assigning each day a category makes posting easier.

We hope you found these tips helpful! If you’re looking to increase your reach even further and gain consistent new clients with lead generation services, reach out to us here >>

What do you think, will you be implementing any of these Facebook post ideas for your furniture store? Let us know your thoughts below.

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