20 Facebook Post Ideas for Furniture Stores

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Facebook Post Ideas For Furniture

You’ve created social media pages for your furniture store. Now posting regularly feels more like a chore than a marketing and sales tool and you’re on your computer googling ideas on Facebook post ideas for your furniture store. Sound familiar? I’ve created a list of ideas that can help freshen up your feed.  I hope it inspires you and helps you. I want you to use your social media space to highlight your expertise, and show followers why they should trust a dedicated furniture store for their purchase and not a big box store. 1. Highlight a New Collection Each Week Okay, let’s get the most obvious idea out of the way. But I want you to take these posts … Read More

Marketing Inspiration During Coronavirus

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Marketing Inspiration During Coronavirus

When I think of Darwins survival of the fittest I never thought the year 2020 would come to mind. But the unfortunate truth is, that’s exactly what’s happening. As many businesses have been forced to end foot traffic they have had to get creative in order to survive. I’ve put together a list of businesses that have done just this to give you marketing inspiration during the coronavirus pandemic. You’ve heard of car companies shifting gears (pun intended!) to start building ventilators, fashion companies making masks and alcohol brands heeding the cry for more hand sanitizer – but I wanted to take a look at some everyday businesses who have pivoted their business models in unique ways to meet the … Read More

12 Ways To Sell Furniture During The Coronavirus

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Sell Furniture During The Coronavirus

Disruptions and shifts are common-place in business; weather interrupts supply chains, technology shifts how people buy, styles change and so on.  Smart business owners know and accept they’ll have to continually pivot to accommodate change.  However, no one could have seen this pandemic coming and the magnitude it would have on the global economy that’s why I’ve chosen to look at ideas on how you can still sell furniture during the Coronavirus I’ve been incredibly impressed with the quick shifts companies have taken to weather this storm to stay afloat.  So, I thought I’d look at some ways retail furniture stores that have been forced to close can also adapt and keep on selling. Are furniture stores essential businesses? Check … Read More