What is SEO?

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What is SEO?
If you’re looking to rank higher in search results so that you can increase traffic to your website, then SEO is for you. It can help you bring in more foot traffic, increase the number of people signing up for your newsletter or bring in more leads.  You’ve heard the words “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO), but what is SEO, and more importantly what exactly are the SEO services you’re being asked to pay for?

What is SEO?

At the broadest level, SEO is all about helping your website rank better on search results organically (ie: you aren’t paying advertising fees to be there).  But to better understand SEO it’s best to start at the beginning and keep in mind how search engines like Google work and what their goals are. (Google is by far the most utilized search engine out there, so this article will focus on them specifically.)
Google uses Bots to crawl the internet and read the code of websites to analyze them and each individual web page. As it reads the page it takes note of what it believes that website to be about and what each page is about.  When someone types in a search, Google will then review it’s database of stored information and try to display the most relevant information to you.
It’s important to note that Google’s top priority is to serve the searcher the most accurate and relevant information and it uses a specific algorithm to determine what sites that might be for it’s users.  This algorithm changes as technology changes and as the landscape changes… all to keep with their main mission of delivering the most relevant results.
For example, many searches are now being placed via voice command. So instead of getting a typed search query of “furniture store” from a laptop, people are now verbally asking Siri and Alexa “Where is the nearest furniture store?” from their mobile phones or home devices.  How people search is exactly something Google takes into consideration.

What are SEO services?

More specifically my clients are usually wondering what they’re paying for with SEO services. How exactly is their site being optimized?
As search engine marketers (SEM) we’ll evaluate your business, your target audience and the competition to put together a keyword strategy.  This will be a summary of the keywords that we believe will help your site not only rank better, but also get more qualified leads. Depending on your business, that could mean more people through your front door, more people calling for appointments or more people buying your products.

We’ll then audit your website and work with you to revise the content on there to help you rank for specific keywords.  We also offer monthly plans creating consistent content to improve your authority, keep your site fresh and keep you high in the rankings.

How soon will I see results?

Unfortunately there is no straight-forward answer to this question.  However, you should know that SEO is about playing the long-game and building your reputation with search engines, not about overnight success.  Being an authority in your field and ranking higher on search results is always good for business, but if you’re looking for quicker results you may want to consider pairing your SEO tactics with digital advertising.

Now that we’ve covered what is SEO, next week we’ll look at how does SEO work?

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