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“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”
– Mother Teresa

My grandmother was someone who radiated love and beauty everywhere she went. She loved nothing more than being able to spoil her grandchildren and, like the famous Mother Teresa quote, no one left her presence without feeling a little brighter.

She saw the beauty in everyone and made sure that they knew how special are. Even now, years after her passing I still have strangers come up to me and tell me how special she was. They remember how she made them feel.

It’s been over five years since she passed, but her love always remains with my family and I. Every day I aspire to be like her and spread kindness, sincerity, and love everywhere I go. Today, she has been the inspiration for my very first post.

Grandma Helen served family, friends and even strangers from the heart. Where else can we take this lesson and serve from OUR heart? Can we give more heart to our job? Can we give more heart to our relationships? Our friendships? To strangers? To ourselves? How can we make sure that our customers remember us for the way we made them feel?

When you’re talking to customer service on the phone you can hear and feel the difference between a person on the other end who truly cares and those who are going through the motions sounding more like a robot, lacking the ability of compassion.

Today we all seem to be so busy, it’s almost as if we take pride in telling people just how stinkin’ busy we are. But what if we slowed down and spoke with customers the way we would want to be spoken to? And to our colleagues? And to our friends and family?

How could your work environment change if you constantly served customers and your co-workers from the heart?

In business it’s easy to adopt a very corporate voice in your communications, after all, we often answer the same questions and do the same work over and over, day after day. The days can sometimes blur together, but the customer experience with you doesn’t have to. If you want to excel in service than you need for people to remember how you made them feel.

Here are a couple practical tips to help you be more authentic in your communications.

1) Visualize your best friend. When I am writing an email to clients or co-workers I pretend as though I am writing to my best friend Jenn. Visualizing her and how I would respond to her brings out my authentic voice and more compassionate feelings. More than if I were emailing faceless Joe-Schmoe whom I have never met, or the co-worker down the hall who’s made it their life mission to make me miserable.

2) Write how you speak. A while ago I realized that I wrote like a robot. Which is probably how people felt when reading my emails; as if they received an automated, corporate message instead of a thoughtful message from a real human. I thought I was being professional, but really I was just being cold and un-relatable.

3) Take a moment to breathe before responding. I’m only human, there are days when I want to strangle someone. But, before I respond, I take a moment to yell, cuss, be annoyed and then I take a deep breath and go on with the day. If you worked at a desk next to me you’d probably think that I have anger issues, however, I feel that taking time to acknowledge my anger allows me to then release it out of my system, letting it go completely, making room for compassionate and helpful thoughts instead.

4) Focus on a quality that you admire about the person. Assigned to a project with a co-worker you just don’t see eye-to-eye with? Instead of dwelling on all the things you dislike about them, choose to find one thing you admire about them and focus on that. No one expects you to be best friends with everyone at work, but you are expected to play well with others and this is completely up to you. You can choose the road of hate or the road of love, but love will always bring you more success.

Is there someplace in your life that you need to slow down, view things from the clients perspective and respond from the heart? Share your story below in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

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