Your Guide to Finding Hotel Beach Furniture that Goes Beyond a Great First Impression.

The best hotel beach furniture is the kind that both leaves a mark at first glance and also stands out beyond the first impression. Finding the perfect pieces for your hotel means finding a collection that embraces your setting’s natural features while elevating the guest experience from pleasant to downright memorable. How can you find the right hotel beach furniture? It comes down to quality, and we’re here to tell you exactly what kinds of features to look for. Ready to find stylish pieces that last? Keep on reading.

Sturdily Built

Structural integrity is a key element of hotel beach furniture that’s built to last. As you consider your options, be sure to look out for pieces that are handcrafted with premium materials and 100% made in the USA. When outdoor furniture is produced assembly line-style in order to maximize profit, it’s easy for small but crucial details to be left by the wayside. On the other hand, pieces that are created by hand are made with the greatest attention to detail by professionals who have spent years – if not decades – honing their craft. Look for fully welded frames, which don’t just prevent breaking and wear, but are also resistant to chipping and discoloration. For strap furniture, look for 100% virgin vinyl that’s double-wrapped around the frame to guarantee durability and longevity. Ultimately, the thought, effort, and time that are put into the construction of your hotel beach furniture will set the tone for the experience your guests have with it.

Thoughtfully Designed

When thinking of long-lasting furniture, quality of construction is naturally the first thing that comes to mind. That said, it’s also important to think about how design factors into longevity, and how to pick designs that will last for years to come without looking outdated or incompatible with your hotel. In order to accomplish this, stick to timeless silhouettes, colors, and styles. Opt for neutral colors that are versatile and easily changed depending on the decorative accents you choose to add. If neutral colors don’t work with your hotel’s color palette, choose hues that are compatible with your branding colors and/or interior design. Cohesion is key when it comes to making design decisions that will look great now and in the future. Choose options that would have looked great on your property a few years ago; this is a great way to make sure that they’ll still look great in the years to come.

Compatible with Your Property

The best hotel beach furniture is the kind that embraces the natural beauty of your property’s setting while staying true to the features that make your hotel unique. For a beachside property in Florida, consider pieces that are breathable and airy, keeping guests comfortable regardless of the area’s high humidity levels. If your property is located farther up the East Coast, it might be worthwhile investing in pieces that are comfortable to lounge in even when watching the sunset on a cooler fall or winter’s day. If it makes sense for your hotel’s design, choose standout pieces that pay homage to the colors of your setting’s landscape or history: for example, an art deco-style boutique hotel in Miami could do well to choose pieces with Miami Vice-style accent colors, while a historic Savannah property can make nods to the rich browns and greens of the city’s beautiful trees with their accents. Think about not just your hotel’s identity, but about the characteristics that make your guests excited to visit your city in the first place. If your hotel beach furniture can help your guests feel immersed in and connected to your setting, they’re likely to enjoy their time on your property that much more.

Finding the best hotel beach furniture means thinking about longevity in both construction and design, choosing the pieces that are most compatible with your hotel’s identity and setting. To explore our customizable collections for yourself, don’t hesitate to check out our catalog.